Department of Physics



The research in our group is made possible by funding from various sources. The following lists our most recently funded projects. 


Catalytic Chemistry with Shape-tuned Nanoparticles
National Science Foundation, Division of Chemistry, 06/15/2012-06/15/2015.

Size- and shape-selected micellar metal nanoparticles as model systems for structure-sensitive chemical reactions: oxidation state effects
Office of Basic Energy Sciences, US Department of Energy, 08/15/2011-06/15/2014.

Shape-dependent Nanocatalysis
National Science Foundation, DMR- Solid State Chemistry, 06/15/2010-06/15/2013.

Size- and Composition-dependent electronic and vibrational properties of bimetallic nanoclusters
National Science Foundation, DMR-Metals and Nanostructures, 09/01/2009-08/31/2013.

Investigation of residual chemicals in Siemens chemical filters
Siemens Power Generation, 11/01/2011-08/31/2012.

Influence of the oxidation state of supported size-selected Pt nanoparticles on catalytic decomposition and oxidation of high-order alcohols: activity, selectivity and lifetime
US Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, 08/25/2008-08/24/2011.

Electrostatic Dust Hazard Prediction and Control for Lunar and Mars Missions
UCF-UF / NASA, 04/01/2009-03/30/2012.

CAREER: Gas-phase catalytic processes on metal nanoclusters
National Science Foundation, 04/01/2005-03/31/2010.

Gas-Phase heterogeneous catalysis on metal nanoparticles: size dependence
American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Fund (Type-G), 09/01/2005-08/31/2007; Summer Minority Undergraduate Research, Summers of 2006 and 2008.

Investigation of surface phenomena (Fe state) of Siemens novel high temperature SCR catalysts
Siemens Power Generation, 07/01/2008-09/30/2009.

Investigation of surface phenomena of Pd-based selective reduction catalysts
Siemens Power Generation, 02/01/2008-09/30/2009.

Catalytic properties of metal nanoclusters
UCF RAMP-Graduate School, MS thesis funding, 08/25/2008-08/25/2010.

Atomic vibrations in bimetallic nanoclusters
UCF In-house research grant, 04/01/2007-03/31/2008.

Low-dimensional vibrational dynamics on size-selected Fe nanoparticles synthesized by inverse micelle encapsulation
UCF In-house research grant, 04/01/2006-03/31/2007.

Instrumentation for the in-situ shape-modification and magneto-optical characterization of magnetic nanostructures
UCF Presidential Initiative to Fund Major Research Equipment, 02/01/2006.

High resolution spectroscopic upgrade of an UHV system for the characterization of nanoscaled-materials
UCF Presidential Initiative to Fund Major Research Equipment, 02/01/2005.