PSJC #148 October 4 2013

Preview of DPS Presentations

The 45th Annual Meeting of the Divison for Planetary Sciences will be in Denver, Colorado, the week of October 6 to 11, 2013. There will be 22 presentations at this meeting where a UCF person is the first author. We will hear about a sampling of these. The complete list of presentations is given below. This list excludes those ~15 papers where a UCF person is a co-author but not the first-author.
  1. Harrington et al.: 105. 08. Statistical Significance of Trends in Exoplanetary Atmospheres.
  2. Hargrove et al.: 112. 05. Detailed Laboratory Study of Asteroid Organics.
  3. Comfort et al.: 112. 10. The Origin of Asteroid 162173 (1999 JU3).
  4. Foster et al.: 113. 07. Analyzing the Orbits of Transiting Exoplanets Using Spitzer Secondary Eclipses.
  5. Hardy et al.: 113. 08. Spitzer Secondary Eclipses of HAT-P-13b.
  6. Becker et al.: 206. 11. Measuring Particle Sizes from Diffraction Spikes at Saturn's Ring Edges with Cassini UVIS Stellar Occultations.
  7. Landsman et al.: 208. 15. An Investigation of the 3-μm Feature in M-Type Asteroids.
  8. Cubillos et al.: 209. 01. A Review of Correlated Noise in Exoplanet Light Curves.
  9. Blumenthal et al.: 209. 12. Exoplanet Equilibrium Chemistry Calculations.
  10. Hardin et al.: 209. 15. Two HAT-P-16b Spitzer Eclipse Observations.
  11. Bowman et al.: 209. 16. Secondary Eclipse Observations of the Low-Mass Hot-Jupiter WASP-11b/HAT-P-10b.
  12. Colwell et al.: 210. 06. Small Particle Population in Saturn's A Ring from Self-Gravity Wake Observations.
  13. Cooney et al.: 210. 07. Higher Order Moments in the Statistics of Stellar Occultations of Saturn's Rings.
  14. Bradley et al.: 210. 09. Compositional and Mixing Model Analysis of Cassini UVIS Spectra of Saturn's Rings.
  15. Bratcher et al.: 210. 12. Analysis of Bending Waves in Saturn's Rings with Cassini UVIS Stellar Occultations.
  16. Pond et al.: 312. 06. Simulations of Wave Propagation in the Jovian Atmosphere after SL9 Impact Events.
  17. Espy Kehoe et al.: 402. 03. Understanding Asteroid Disruptions Using Very Young Dust Bands.
  18. Kramer et al.: 413. 12. WISE/NEOWISE Observations of WISE/NEOWISE-discovered Cometary Dust Tails.
  19. Schambeau et al.: 413. 24. A New Analysis of Spitzer Thermal Images of Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1.
  20. Whizin et al.: 415. 08. Building a Planetesimal: low-velocity collisions between centimeter sized proto-planetesimals.
  21. Stemm et al.: 415.13. N-Body Simulations of Low-Velocity Impact Experiments.
  22. Dove et al.: 510. 08. Experimental Studies of Low-Velocity Dust Aggregate Collisions.