Michele M. Montgomery, Ph.D   


Teaching AreasAstronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Life in the Universe,

                             and, new in 2018/2019, Space Weather


Research AreasObservational, Theoretical, Numerical, Other

Kepler/K2 observations of Eclipsing Binaries, especially close binary stars. Of eclipsing binaries, we study Algols and CVs - polars, intermediate polars, and non-magnetic systems, which are the most interesting in my opinion as they have an accretion disk that displays much dynamical motions in the light curves. We study the signals we see in the periodograms and the features we see in the light curves and folded light curves.

Astrobiology - What plants can grow in simulated Martian soil? We were able to grow types of salad greens and peas! Plants, shown right, are toxic, though.    


Educational Research - The metacognitive reasonings of rats and general education Astronomy students using python code as a mode of learning.


Finds: All students can learn by this mode but certain groups choose to not learn; intimidation/fear is the likely culprit -- more studies to come


Simulations - I simulate accretion disk signals that we see in the observational data using smoothed particle hydrodynamics

                                  Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Currently I have one undergraduate student, who is a recipient of an NSF UCF SURF grant and who is studying eclipsing binary stars in the Kepler/K2 catalog, including our own observations. I have another UCF RAMP student who is simulating in python orbital mechanics of planetary systems along with a third UCF UG Physics student.

                                 Educational Products

Astronomy Textbooks

       - Horizons Hybrid:  Exploring the Universe by Seeds, Backman, &

         Montgomery (2015); Seeds & Backman (& Montgomery) 2018, 2021, etc.

       - Universe Hybrid:  Solar System, Stars, and Galaxies by Seeds, Backman,

          & Montgomery (2015); Seeds & Backman (& Montgomery) 2018, 2021, etc.

       - Foundations of Astronomy by Seeds & Backman (& Montgomery) 2019, 2022, etc


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University of Central Florida (UCF)

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