PHY 2053
    This page has general information about taking PHY 2053, College Physics I, with me, Josh Colwell, at the University of Central Florida. This course is taught by several different individuals at UCF, each with different styles. Since it is the first of a two-course sequence, all sections are designed to cover the same material, regardless of instructor.

A PDF of the current version of the course syllabus is here. Please read the syllabus. There is a lot of information there that should answer most, if not all, of your questions. (Last updated July 29, 2012, for the Fall 2012 semester.)

In addition, there is a one-page document that highlights some essential information about grades and use of the clicker here. I require this document to be signed and turned in.

In general, announcements, assignments, handouts, lecture notes, and other materials for this course will be made available to students either through Webcourses (UCF) or The latter is where all class homework will be completed. (There may also be assignments from the book to be turned in on paper in class.)

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