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Revised Schedule
Reading1-Last great warming
Reading2-Europe's mild climate
Reading3-Shifting rain band
Reading4-Eurasian artic during the last ice age
Reading5-Did humans alter global climate
Reading6-Unquiet ice
Extra Credit Topics
L1: Introduction-What is Normal?
L2: What is Science?
L3: Data-How We Know What is Normal
L4: The Atmosphere
L5: Global Energy Balance
L6: Temperature
L7: Moisture
L8: Winds and Gyres
L9: Temperate Climate
L10: Tropical Climate
Exam 1 Review
L11: Factors that Control Climate
L12: Climates of the World
L13: Tectonics and Long-Term Climate
L14: The Greenhouse Climate
L15-Greenhouse to Icehouse
L16-Astronomical Control of Insolation
L17-Insolation Control of Ice Sheets
L18-The Last Glacial Maximum
Exam 2 Review
L20-Rice, Cattle, and Corn
L21-The Last 2000 Years
L22-The Little Ice Age
L23-Climate Since the 1800s
L24-Causes of Warming
L25-Future Climatic Change
Exam 3 Review